L11 2020 Rammed Earth - Building Site course with ECVET Certificate

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Trainer: Jörg Depta, Fa. LehmBauWerk, Berlin, www.lehmbauwerk.de Attention: Date is postponed Duration: 36 hours The course starts Monday 9 am and ends Friday 4 pm. Registration: Please register latest at May 22nd 8 – 12 participants

The rammed earth wall with ECVET Certificate, Subunit B3 Rammed Earth

You will gain skills and knowlege in

  • Lift and place mix inside the formwork avoiding disaggregation
  • Check and manage the depth of fill before compacting
  • Manage the number of passes with the rammer
  • Identify  the right time to stop the ramming process (touch, visual and auditory control)
  • Periodically chekc the position and stabiltiy of the formwork (no lifting, plum, alignment, tightness)
  • Compact the earth using pneumatic or manual rammers
  • Carry out remedial work after stripping

The course can be finished by an Learn.Earth Certificate, Unit B3 Building with earth: rammed earth, level 3 according to the EQF (European Qualification Framework).
Read more about ECVET Earthbuilding at https://ecvetearth.hypotheses.org/

Trainer: Jörg Depta, Fa. LehmBauWerk, Berlin
Languages: German and English


European School of Earth Building | FAL e. V.

Dorfstraße 27, 19395 Ganzlin OT Wangelin
Tel.: 0049 (0)38737 337990


22.06.2020, 12:00 Uhr bis 26.06.2020, 16:00 Uhr
Dorfstr. 27-28
19395 Ganzlin OT Wangelin
Festnetz: 0049 (0)38737 33799-0
course fee
course fee including board € 826,00
course fee partner discount including board € 656,00
course fee reduction when booking the 5th course including boardab 5. Kurs und Verpflegung € 554,00
course fee supported by Bildungsprämie (learning bonus) including boardund Verpflegung € 486,00

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