L12 2020 Applying Clay Plaster – ECVET Building Site Course

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Applying Clay Plaster – Building Site Course including ECVET Learn Earth Certificate Trainer: Irmela Fromme, Werkstatt für Lehm- und Feinputze, Berlin/Bremen Date: July, Monday 06th – Friday 10th Duration: 38 h Course starts Monday 10 am and ends Friday 5 pm. Exam: July 10th Languages: German, English Course fee including certificate: 6-12 participants 496 EUR / full board 146 EUR Registration: Please register latest at April 24th /

This course aims at beginners in earth building, both practitioners and self builders alike. You will work under professional guidance and support. Practical work experience will be supplemented by theoretical instructions.
Construction work includes

  • mixing clay plaster,
  • preparing the backing,
  • protecting adjoining areas,
  • applying one layer of clay plaster,
  • execute a common sponged surface finish or a floated
  • surface finish,
  • prepare common detailing e.g. around
  • fixing points, openings and edges.

You will gain practical skills and knowhow in:

  • Properties of the backing: roughness; absorption capacity; stability
  • Areas of use for clay plaster
  • Function, thickness and principal differences between base coat and finish coat
  • The main methods of bonding layers
  • Technical shaping details for corner protection such as abutment against wood; use of straight, cuts where plaster meets flexible building
  • Surface finishes and how to create them
  • Preparing the backing and applying clay plaster
  • Current legislative workplace requirements
  • Tools, machinery and equipment
  • The order of work

Courses can be finished by a Learn.Earth ECVET Earth Building certificate,Level 2 according to the European Qualification Framework (EQF).
Trainer: Irmela Fromme, Werkstatt für Lehm- und Feinputze, Berlin/Bremen
Assessor: Dietmar Schäfer, Groitzsch


European School of Earth Building | FAL e. V.
Dorfstraße 27, 19395 Ganzlin OT Wangelin
Tel.: 0049 (0)38737 337990


06.07.2020, 10:00 Uhr bis 10.07.2020, 17:00 Uhr
Dorfstr. 27-28
19395 Ganzlin OT Wangelin
Festnetz: 0049 (0)38737 33799-0
course fee
course fee including board € 642,00
course fee partner discount including board € 518,00
course fee reduction when booking the 5th course including boardab 5. Kurs und Verpflegung € 495,00
course fee supported by Bildungsprämie (learning bonus) including boardund Verpflegung € 394,00

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